FlexTask Overview


FlexTask:  What is it?

  • Tools and solutions to improve efficiency of VLSI Design Team
  • Flexible environment for specific VLSI Project and Technology

FlexTask:  Purposes

  • To support Design-to-Tapeout flow - Analog, Digital, Mixed-Signal
  • To organize Data Management (Version Control, Access Control)
  • To perform Resources Management (Stations, Licenses etc.)
  • To manage Design Team under specified custom methodology

FlexTask:  Service Types

FlexTask:  Supported Areas

  • Schematic Circuit Design
  • Digital HDL Design
  • Layout Implementation
  • Analog Simulation
  • Logic Simulation
  • Data Management
  • Resources Management
  • Technology Environment and PDK
  • Parametric Cells
  • Project Management
  • Place-and-Route Methods
  • DRC, LVS, Parasitic Extraction
  • Back Annotation
  • Full-Chip Verification
  • Custom GUI
  • Documentation
  • CAD Support
  • IT Support

FlexTask:  Environment

  • Linux / UNIX
  • 64-bit / 32-bit
  • OpenAccess / CDBA (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)

FlexTask:  Programming

  • SKILL / SKILL++ (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
  • Python
  • TCL
  • Perl
  • Java
  • C / C++
  • Shell scripting
  • SQL
  • Web-programming

FlexTaskWeb:  Tools

  • Team Web-Administration
  • Project Web-Management

FlexTaskWeb:  User Levels

  • Unregistered (anonymous) Visitor

         Any site visitor can read common information about FlexTask Web CAD Service,
         see some visual slideshows about FlexTask Tools at Galleries page,
         download some free examples of FlexTask Tools from Downloads page,
         ask question by Contact Form and request to be registered
         as Registered Visitor or Team Administrator - by Registration Request form.

  • Registered Visitor

         Registered Visitor has access to more information and explanations about various
         FlexTask tools, algorythms, solutions, downloads and can ask questions to solve
         his own specific problems, or to request registration as Team Administrator.

  • Team Administrator

         - Has full access to all FlexTask Web-applications.
         - Downloads and installs any of FlexTask tools for local usage.
         - Orders specific features for his own FlexTask tools.
         - Creates FlexTask Projects and Technologies as special FlexTask
           accounts - for separate managing.

              Demo-Team-Account login:  (contact us to get username and password)

  • Project Manager

         Project Manager configures various definitions for specific Project
         and for each stage of the Project, builds Project flow and tags methodology,
         that also will manage access to Project's data automatically.
         Defined by Team Administrator.

              Demo-Project-Account login:  (contact us to get username and password)

  • Technology Manager

         Technology Manager configures various definitions for specific Technology
         that can be attached to any Project as its environment.
         Defined by Team Administrator.